Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Evening Reprieve

With my husband working in Denver Monday through Thursday every week, I get to try on the role of single parent a few nights the week.  It's alot easier to tag team in the evenings with someone else to get dinner on the table, eat, then begin the post dinner ritual: bath, some books, and then bedtime for the little one.  Usually while one of us is putting our son to bed, the other one is cleaning up after dinner and tidying up the house.

When it's just you, it can be alot of work doing all of that yourself.  So last night, I decided it would be alot more fun to spend my evening as a solo parent with my son at the local library looking for a new set of books to read (you can only read Good Night Gorilla so many times!) followed by a nice dinner at a nearby sushi restaurant.

While I enjoyed my trio of salmon presented three ways (sushi, sashimi, and nigiri), I distracted my son with a book while feeding him miso soup with a whole lot of tofu hidden in it.  It took a little more work to bribe him to eat the chicken teriyaki with some rice.

It was a little treat for me to get out of the house one evening this week.  And it was a little reminder of what life used to be like before our little guy came into our lives.

What about other mothers out there?  What little "treats" do you indulge in to make some days a little brighter than others?

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