Monday, August 5, 2013

Lighten up at Brunch

It has been three weeks since we've gone out for brunch.  This was a very hard habit for me to break...we often go to breakfast every other weekend, but I've been focusing on my exercise, and I'm a morning exerciser, so there hasn't been an opportunity to go to brunch.

Then this weekend happened.  On Saturday, I ran my first long run in three years since before I had my son.  Long run = longer than an hour.  And that was one contiguous hour, with no walking breaks.  I was so excited that I decided we were going to go out for brunch to celebrate.

On Sunday, we went to Snooze, a local breakfast place here in Denver.  We've only been a few times and I decided to branch out and have something different.  So I ordered the Backyard Barbecue Benny.  I mean, c'mon, barbecue!  At breakfast!  Whenever I order benedicts, I always eat one of the benedicts and save the other half for later.

Which is exactly what I did this lovely Sunday.  I had half my benedict along with my usual breakfast drink of choice: a mocha.

Then the unexpected happened.  I got a headache.  About an hour after we were done with brunch, I felt miserable.  I've had food-induced headaches before, usually due to too much sugar.  So I did what I usually do when I have a sugar headache: I drank as many glasses of water as I could tolerate.

I didn't drink my entire mocha.  So I've gotten to thinking.  Sure, there was alot of sugar in the mocha, but maybe my body is starting to revolt away from the rich food.  I have been trying to eat a lot cleaner the last three weeks.  I hope that this is a sign that all my efforts to be healthier are paying off.

If nothing else, I'm encouraged to continue with my cleaner eating.  The next time I go to brunch, I'll try and make healthier choices.  And I'll definitely eat smaller portions of everything if I do decide to have something rich.

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