Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Been a Long Week

Gosh, it's been a long week.  Technically, my long "week" started last Tuesday when my son's daycare called right around the lunch hour to tell me that my son had a fever of 102F.  Who knew that he was going to be home with me for the rest of the week?  Here's how the week played out...
right through the long weekend...to today.

Tuesday we stayed home and nursed his fever and lack of appetite.
Wednesday we went to the doctor.  My son was diagnosed with a cold and an ear infection.  To maintain my sanity, we took several walks around our neighborhood.  I was so thankful for the beautiful weather.
Thursday we went to the local science & history museum.  I couldn't believe how many kids were there!
Friday my husband returned from his business trip and was able to take over and give me a little break.  Happy Valentine's Day to me!
Saturday and Sunday both my husband and I ended up coming down with whatever my son had.  It wasn't the flu, but it was definitely uncomfortable.
Monday was President's Day but my husband didn't have the day off from work but my son's daycare was closed, so my son and I spent part of the day of the zoo and the rest of the day chilling out at home because I wasn't 100% yet.

I'm thankful that my son's daycare is open again today and I can take him back to school.  I haven't spent this much undivided time with my son and I felt like I got to know my son all over again.  He's almost three and he's becoming such a talker.  I got to re-practice al those important skills: listening, engaging, and at times, being a kid, right alongside him.

Have you or your kids been sick lately?  What do you like to do with your children when one (or all) of you are under the weather?

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