Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life By The Hour

Happy Thursday!  The week is quickly coming to an end...hooray for the weekend!

I love reading Brittany's blog A Healthy Slice of Life for all her great tips on eating, living, and generally being healthy, but when I saw her post "Life by the Hour" a few weeks ago, I thought, I love the idea of capturing a full day, hour by hour.  One day, I'll look back and probably think, ahhh, the good old days!

Life is pretty sweet right now.  I'm currently between jobs, and my son still goes to daycare five days a week even though I am at home not working.  My husband and I thought about taking my son out of his daycare when I stopped working, but we've seen some amazing developmental changes thanks to the daycare, and we think that at his age, socialization is really important for him.  So while our little one is at school, I have some of the best free time I've ever known, having worked a 40-hour job for a good 15 years.  For now, I get to enjoy being at home, getting in shape, keeping the house in order, searching for (and cooking) great new healthy meals, and... oh yes, continue searching for new employment.

So here it is, my first attempt at Life by the Hour:

6am - get up early.  I normally run first thing in the morning, but I didn't sleep well for some reason, so instead, I snap a few pictures of the snow that fell last night.  It was 68F on Tuesday and then it snowed 3 inches last night.  Go figure.
6:30am - If I'm not out for my run, I'll go down to the kitchen and make myself breakfast and read the newspaper online.  Around 6:30 my son will wake up, and I like to listen to him over the baby monitor as he talks to himself, slowly waking up. Around 6:45am I'll go and get him, and we'll eat breakfast together.  He's smartened up and always brings a book down to the kitchen and asks me to read to him while he is eating breakfast.
8am - my son wears hearing aids, which means we see an audiologist pretty regularly.  We used to have to go every three months, but now that he's almost three, we go every six months.  Today we went to get his hearing tested to make sure his hearing aids don't need to be recalibrated.

9am - doctor's appointment is over, time to take the kiddo to his Montessori school.  They're celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week, so everyone has brought in their favorite Dr. Seuss book to share at school.
10am - contractors arrive at our house to begin the last leg of a series of renovations that we signed up for when we bought a new house in Denver last summer.  It's been alot of stop and go with the process, but we're updating three rooms in the house.  We're excited that we're at the tail end of these renovations and the plan is to be all done by the end of March.
12noon - after a few discussions with the contractors on their plans of what will happen between now and the end of next week, I let them get to work.  I take care of a few bills and tasks that need to be done, and then I sit down for a quick lunch.  I also marinade the skirt steak for our dinner tonight.
1pm - I take a phone meeting with our interior decorator to decide on what wallpaper will go in our office.  The original plan was to paint the walls but two weeks ago, I changed my mind and decided I wanted wallpaper in our office.  We discuss the packet of wallpaper samples they sent in the mail and make a decision.

2pm - a little housecleaning.
3pm - with all the snow turning to slush outside, I'm not up for going out, plus I have the contractors working in the house.  I decide to work out on the spin bike in our basement.
5pm - the contractors are on their way out for the day.  I go pick up my son from school, and on our return, we go right into dinner for my son, while I prepare dinner for myself and my husband.  My son decides he wants to have some of the strawberries I am prepping for the dinner salad.  That was an easy dessert decision!

6:30pm My husband gets home an hour later than usual.  The little guy has finished his dinner, so hubby and I eat dinner by ourselves.  We have carne asada (yum!) and a new recipe I found through Pinterest: kale salad with blueberries, strawberries, avocado, and sliced almonds.  It sounded a bit strange to me, but I am trying to find new ways to eat salad.  This one is a winner.

7:30pm - the little one is tucked into bed, I am cleaning up after dinner, and my husband heads out for a run.  He is not a morning runner.  While he is out for his run, I watch a little tv, have fun reading some of my favorite blogs, and start thinking about how early I need to get up tomorrow to go for my run.  The weather is in my favor for Thursday...

How was your Wednesday?  Have you documented a day by the hour?

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