Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIAW #6: Not So Paleo

It's time to link up with the weekly What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) celebration at Peas and Crayons.  As our lovely hostess, Jenn explains: "WIAW is about food and fun!  It's about making new friends, breaking out of a food rut, noting changes in your diet/lifestyle, inspiring yourself & others, embracing fruit & vegetables, nourishing your body with the foods that work for you, finding new ways to eat your favorite foods, and so. much. more."

At my last WIAW post, I talked about how I've been doing with six weeks into my new Paleo way of eating.  I'm now in my eighth week, and I've decided I'd like to try and reintroduce some non-Paleo foods to see how my body does.

For those of you not familiar with the Paleo diet/lifestyle, it's about eating the right foods to get the most amount of nutrition from the food that you are eating.  This is accomplished by eliminating the following foods: grain, dairy, sugar, and legumes.  You can get an idea of what I am eating these days by visiting here.

Here are some things I have eaten recently that are not Paleo and what happened.  Several of these meals were restaurant dishes so I can't be entirely sure what went into each dish, and I had to guess in some cases on what was not Paleo.  If you see anything below that I didn't call out as not Paleo, feel free to point those out to me!  I'm still learning!!

P.S. I judged "how my body reacted" primarily on whether the meal gave me a headache.  Things like fried food and refined sugar generally give me headaches, which is part of the reason I decided to try the Paleo diet to begin with.

Not-so-Paleo meal: tomato bisque soup with caesar salad (yes, that's an anchovy.  Yum!)
What's not Paleo: the cheese, the cream, and the croutons in the soup, the cheese on the salad.
What my body thought: no headaches.  This meal isn't substantially non-Paleo, so I'm not surprised I didn't have a problem with this meal.  I did fine with the croutons (I didn't eat all the croutons, maybe half?) and no problems with the cheese on the salad.

Have you heard of True Food Kitchen?  It's a restaurant that serves food based on Dr. Weill's anti-inflammatory diet principles.  I ate this meal at True Food Kitchen here in Denver.

Not-so-Paleo meal: red chili shrimp with sesame noodles and a glass of wine
What's not Paleo: the sesame noodles (and the wine?)
What my body thought: no headaches.  I actually felt very full after eating half of this dish...that might have been because these noodles were the first grain I've had in over seven weeks (with the exception of brown rice).  I've had no pasta, white rice, bread, or crackers in the last seven weeks.

Not-so-Paleo meal: Cheeseburger with french fries
What's not Paleo: the bun on the burger; the french fries (sweet potatoes & yams are preferred over white potatoes, which are generally nutritionless); the ketchup (if not homemade, it's usually loaded with refined sugar)
What my body thought: not so good.  I ate the cheeseburger, but only with the bottom half of the bun (left the top bun off).  I think it as the french fries with the ketchup that did me in.  I didn't eat much of the fries (maybe a quarter of what they served) and started to feel the headache coming on.  I drank lots of water afterwards to try and flush out those greasy fries.

Are there any foods that make you feel ill after you eat them?  Are there any foods that make you feel amazing?


  1. I (stupidly) had two pieces of pizza on Tuesday night this past week and felt TERRIBLE. Like nauseous for almost three days. It was brutal but a good lesson in what NOT to eat unless I want to feel like @$&" for days.

    I'm pretty sold on eating strict paleo. I just feel so good eating this way!!

    1. Wow nauseous for almost three days? That sounds pretty serious. I love the Paleo food ideas you put on your blog!


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