Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Colfax Marathon

I'm doing a Wordless Wednesday today.  Snapshots from my husband's Colfax Marathon this past weekend.


  1. Hi Marnie! I just stumbled across your blog...its nice to find other mom's that share the same ideals in health and fitness. I'm actually from Denver as well, so nice to meet you fellow Coloradan! :)

    1. Hi Jordan, so nice to meet you over the blogosphere! I will have to go check out your blog sometime!!

  2. Ooh! Looks awesome and congrats to your hubby! I love your haircut/style by the way! And your son is so cute (I think I say that every time you post a photo of him, but nonetheless - he's a cutie!)

  3. Very cool bling! You little guy looks so much like your hubby, little mini me ") You have the prettiest skin!


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