Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week in Review: California!

Happy Monday!  For all you mothers out there, I hope you got the royal treatment yesterday!  And for the rest of you, I hope you took at least a moment to get in touch with your mom!

This Monday, I'm linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets and her Week in Review.  It's a linkup for all who like to celebrate all things accomplished, no matter how small.  My week in review is not so much a celebration of things accomplished but all the fun things I did while on vacation.  Because, let's face it, vacations are work!  They take planning, coordination, adjustment, and execution.  A well planned trip is something to celebrate!
Warning: this post is a little photo-heavy.  Get your scrolling finger ready!

Sacramento: Trains
After a quick weekend in Maine for a family wedding, we flew from the East coast to the West coast fairly late Sunday night.  My little sister lives in Sacramento which is the capitol of California.  Alot of people mistakenly think it's San Francisco or Los Angeles, but it's not.  It's Sacramento.  My sister took us to a railroad museum.  It was really geared towards my son, but I thought it was a pretty cool museum, too.  I have a love for trains (I want to do an overnighter from Sacramento to Seattle or  the route to Chicago one day), so I had just as much fun as my son.

Cinco de Mayo
Sacramento is a pretty cool place to be for Cinco de Mayo.  There's a fairly large Hispanic population and no shortage of Mexican restaurants, and we ate at Ernesto's.  They had a mariachi band playing and it was awesome.  The food, the music, the people!  It was a great night.

Tuesday we left Sacramento for my mom's house in the Bay Area.  We lay low that day, not doing much.  On Wednesday, we met up with my son's old nanny.  She helped take care of my son for a year (9 months old to 21 months old), and I'm sure we would have kept her longer except for a move from California to Colorado.  Over the year she was with us, she became a close part of our immediate family.  I send her cards and letters regularly and she keeps us updated on her life as a student.
No travel of mine would be complete without some mention of food.  We took a trip out to my old neighborhood in San Francisco, Noe Valley.  I loved living there in my late 20s.  Such a great city to be in.  We had breakfast at my favorite little breakfast spot (Chloes), a good long morning at a new-ish playground near the Mission, and then a very late lunch at Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission.  If you've never been, check it out if you ever make a trip out to San Francisco.  That neighborhood alone is home to many, many awesome restaurants.
Pizzeria Delfina van.  Anchovies like you've never had before.  Little Gem Lettuce salad with Green Goddess dressing.  Pizza garnishes.  A slice of Broccoli Raab pizza.

Sailing on the Bay
The weather was not so great on Thursday, so we postponed a trip on the water until Friday.  The next day, we totally played tourist, and hopped on one of those one-hour cruises going under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz.  A perfect length when you have toddler in tow.  Then we spent the rest of the morning cruising around Pier 39, complete with a carousel ride, fish & chips, and fried donuts.
Cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Mom and me.  The carousel at Pier 39.  Let's get crabby.

I've been a San Francisco Ballet season ticket holder off and on for over ten years.  Even when I didn't have much money to my name, I bought the nosebleed seats and loved every performance.  After a decade, I am ready to spend my money on other performing arts: theater, musicals, the orchestra.  Besides, now that we live in Colorado, it'll be pretty tough to sign up for another season of the San Francisco ballet.  The energy & time (and money) it takes to plan one's travel around getting into town to see a show definitely adds up.  I went with my little sis and we totally made the most of it.  We got there early to walk around the ballet before the show, and ordered a cheese plate and dessert to enjoy during the two intermissions.
Exterior of the San Francisco Ballet.  Heading to our seats.  The coveted box seats.  Smiling before the show.  Dining area where we enjoyed cheese and sweets during intermissions.

This is my second trip to California in the last month.  We're not planning on much air travel over the summer.  Instead, we'll stick to road trips from Colorado.  What are your summer vacation plans?



  1. Looks like such a fun time! And also incredibly busy! Wow! You sure did accomplish very much!

    I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I have a post about it for more info :)
    Happy Monday!

  2. Awww Yuliya, thanks! I will go check out your post!

  3. Thanks for linking up; I love getting new comers to the party.

    I think it's great we both had picture heavy, vacation recaps. Sometimes those are the most fun and yes to playing tourist and the ballet. Oh and of course cheese platters and pizza. I love the idea of using broccoli raab on a pizza.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to you as well. Your son is absolutely adorable.

    1. Thanks for hosting such a fun linkup! I am obsessed with lists, and although I didn't have any completed "To Dos" to report in my first Week in Review, it felt like a big accomplishment getting the California trip done!

  4. Everything looks like so much fun! I can't believe I've never been to California. This post makes me want to book my San Francisco trip for longer so I can do everything!

    1. I don't know how long you'll be in San Francisco for, but I'm sure you'll be able to get in a TON of fun stuff!

  5. What a great trip :) I am always amazed by your variety of food you enjoy- I need to expand myself a little lol That's really nice you had some quality time with your beautiful family.
    I have zip for plans lol

    1. No summer plans? I'm sure you have a few races lined up. :-)


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