Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eight Dishes I Hope to Master in the Kitchen

Happy Wednesday!  Today, I'd normally join in the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) link-up party with Jenn from Peas & Crayons, but this Wednesday, I'm going to take a slightly different turn.  Partly because I haven't taken any food photos in the last couple of days (gasp!).

I love food.  Up until I became a mother, my search for good food was limited to the food I could find eating out.  I found it a hassle to try and cook for two people as I hated leftovers (I still do, although not as much), and it was difficult to find recipes that were designed for two.  Cutting recipes in half wasn't always practical, and, honestly, pre-motherhood, I worked long hours and was barely home except for the weekends.  My husband and I both ate our meals out at work and after work on the weekdays.  We did some cooking on the weekend.

Now that I've been at home for three years, I've learned to embrace the quality of food made at home.  Food made in your kitchen is almost always superior to the food you will find at restaurants (except maybe those 3 and 4 star restaurants where a meal costs a small fortune).

All the cooking I really know I've learned in the last three years.  Prior to becoming a mother, I think my cooking repertoire consisted of frying eggs for breakfast, boiling pasta, and easy stir fries.  I could also make a really basic spaghetti sauce and braised short ribs.  I've since learned how to make some really great breakfast items, a decent salad, roasted veggies (so easy), a mean plate of spaghetti & meatballs, and a couple of other basics.

However, there are several dishes I want to get really good at -- as in, perfect the recipe, and know how to cook the dish from memory.  After all, everyone has to have a few signature dishes that they're known for, right?

Here is my wish list for what I'd like to cook extraordinarily well:

1. Croissants (it's hard to find a good croissant in the U.S.)
2. Lasagna
3. Chicken noodle soup (I know, so basic, but I'm too lazy to make my own chicken stock)
4. Souvlaki (my husband is Greek)
5. Risotto
6. Beef Bourguignon (tender beef, red wine, mushrooms -- my favorite comfort food)
7. Pizza (I know, another basic, and yet, we don't have it quite right yet)
8. Panna cotta (I've heard it's easy, I've just never tried to make it myself)

What dishes have you mastered in the kitchen?  What dishes do you want to master in the kitchen?


  1. Risotto is on my list too. I made it once and it takes so much patience!!!

    1. Yes, all that stirring... I've tried recipes for a "faster" risotto, but they just don't taste as good.

  2. That's a great list of to-make food! Homemade croissants sound amazing!! :)

    1. Thanks Karey! They're not paleo/primal, but if they're really really good croissants, I'm happy to savor one every once in a blue moon.

  3. Risotto is definitely on my list too. I need more patience to get it right!

  4. Great list! I need to make one of these. :) Chicken stock is so easy, you need to try it! I make mine in the slow cooker overnight. It's the best!

  5. Awesome list! When you get those dishes mastered, care to share the recipes? I have never even attempted risotto. I am pretty sure that is something way outside of my patience zone when it comes to cooking. And homemade croissants? Oh I'd so make it a paleo cheat day for a good croissant. We're so close to France and yet have such not tasty croissants. When I lived in France, I think I had croissants and baguettes and also sorts of delicious baked goods everyday. It was the most delicious year of my life :)

  6. I love making homemade pizza! I'll need to share that recipe on my blog. Croissants would be a great one to make at home!


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