Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm So Glad You Blogged Today

Happy Monday!  Did you blog today?

If so, I want to thank you.

Your posts, your thoughts, your ideas, are what I love most about the blogosphere.  Ever since I returned to blogging at the start of this year, I'm so glad I did.  Sure, there are days where I suffer from writer's block or feel like I don't have anything important to say.  But whether I blog or not, I know that I can count on my fellow bloggers to keep inspiring me, keep motivating me, and keep me company on days when I need it.

So here's a celebration of why I enjoy being part of the blogging community.  I hope this pick-me-up gets your week started just as it did mine, as I wrote down these warm & fuzzy thoughts on a quiet Sunday evening.
What I love about being part of the blogging community...

An amazing encyclopedia.  When I first started reading blogs, I couldn't get over the sheer number of people willing to bare their souls and share every part of themselves.  Weight loss challenges, cooking ideas, challenges with parenthood, struggles to find new careers.  For any problem, hobby, or curiosity, I might encounter, I could find a blog or a post to address my latest question.

A sense of community, however you define it.  What better place to find like-minded (or not so similar) people?  Having moved from one state to another in the last year, it was so great to be able to go somewhere to find other moms, other runners, and other people interested in food.

Unexpected Inspiration.  I never know when I'm going to learn about a new recipe, a better way to work out, or just some random new trend.  Who needs magazines?  You can bet on your community of fellow bloggers to share the latest and greatest all the time!

Motivation when you need it.  I go through my phases.  Some weeks, I'm all about cooking really good food.  Other days, I'm gung-ho about getting in shape or keeping in shape, depending on where I am in the cycle.  Or I need some parenting advice, or I just need to be reassured I'm not the only mom who feels like she's on a never-ending treadmill.  When I have those moments, I know I will find another kindred spirit who is battling the same issue I am, but s/he is getting through it and I love hearing how they're handling it.

And there are a million other reasons... I love being a blogger, but these four are my main reasons.  So thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts and putting it out there for me to read.

What are you favorite reasons for being part of the blogging community?


  1. I love the blogging community! Sometimes I feel more connected to my blog-friends than people I know in real life!

    1. Oh good, glad to know that I'm not the only one that feels that way!

  2. What a delightful post Marnie!

    I love the blogging community for so many reasons. It really is a community! However, the amazing relationships that I've made by being part of it was something I would have never expected.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Speaking of community, I'm so glad I found you through the SITS Saturday Sharefest. I'm really enjoying your blog!!

  3. I absolutely love the blogging community! I have met so many people with interests similar to mine and I just love getting the chance to connect with them!

    1. So true! I love just getting to know people through what they share (I love your cupcake obsession!)


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