Friday, August 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

Happy Friday, friends!  It's the Friday before a big weekend -- Labor Day Weekend -- and I hope that you are ready to enjoy the last big weekend of the summer...

I've been a bit irregular about posting my pregnancy updates; I was technically 22 weeks along last Friday so for those of you trying to match up dates and weeks, here are links to previous updates and the "official" date of the photo provided in each update...

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks - photo taken August 22
Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks - photo taken August 8
Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks - photo taken July 18
Pregnancy Update: 14 Weeks - photo taken June 27

Weeks along: 22 weeks

Baby gender: girl!

Pregnancy clothes: with fall just around the corner, I did a little shopping.  I've mostly been wearing my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy, and the two pairs of jeans I own are a tad bit too big, so I went and bought a pair of skinny jeans (my previous two pairs are both bootcut jeans).

Food cravings: soup, soup, and more soup!  Strange development: I have a huge appetite at lunch and then I don't want much for dinner.  A small bowl of soup and a salad usually satisfy my dinner needs right now.

Anything making me queasy?  Nope!

Wedding ring on or off?  Still on.

Energy levels / sleep requirements: I'm getting lots of sleep.  In addition to 8 hours every night, I take a nap for about a 60-90 minutes every afternoon.  Ahhhh am I going to be miss this life once the baby comes!!!  Also - I can no longer sleep on my back.  I wonder how long it will take before I miss this option...

Baby movement: I just added this category.  Just after I posted my 20 week update, I started feeling baby girl moving.  She is a mover and a shaker, that is for sure.  Because of my previously Paleo lifestyle, I eliminated sugar (other than fruits) from my diet prior to becoming pregnant, but I've relaxed the rules and I have a treat now and again.  When I eat anything with added sugar, the baby gets extra active.  It's so cute!

Next pre-natal appointment: September 11.  I have to take the beloved glucose test.  Yuck.

Baby prep?  Not too much yet.  I'm thinking that once third trimester hits, I'll start working on the nursery.

Happy Friday!  Any big plans for the Labor Day weekend?


  1. I love reading baby bump updates, so thank you for sharing! Any ideas on what you want to do with the nursery?

    1. Our first child is a boy, so we're excited about making the nursery girly!

  2. I used to love feeling my son wiggle all around after I ate a bowl of ice cream. :)

    1. Isn't it amazing how what we eat can affect the baby so directly.

  3. Such a sweet post. Good luck with your blood glucose test. Man, I hate that test.

  4. You really do look great! I have been trying to catch up on blog posts :) I like nothing is making you queasy, yaaa for feeling good and getting lots of sleep.


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