Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend in Pictures

The weekend went WAAAY too quickly...probably because it was jam-packed with lots to do.  We've been in Colorado for over a year, and there are still so many places and so many events to go to that we haven't hit up yet!  Although I didn't cross off any of the items on my Summer Wish List, we really made the most of this weekend.

I have to warn you to get your scrolling finger ready, because this post is photo-heavy!

Saturday morning
We continued our Tour de Cuisine around Colorado, and had brunch at Snooze, a very popular brunch place, where you can expect to wait 30+ minutes on the weekends to eat.
After brunch, we went to My Gym, where my son tumbled, climbed, and did all the other fun things a toddler enjoys doing.  We at lunch at home, and took our afternoon nap (while hubby went for a bike ride).

Saturday afternoon
Late afternoon, we headed near downtown to check out a new neighborhood known as City Park for its proximity to Denver's version of Central Park.  We enjoyed small bites at a newly opened restaurant "The District".  I had a nice salad with blackberries, oranges, and candied walnuts which I am dying to recreate at home (if only I can figure out what was in their vinaigrette).  Hubby had a BBBLT (three kinds of bacon with lettuce and tomato), and we shared a plate of veggie fritters.

Saturday evening
After our afternoon bites, we strolled around, and then headed over to the Denver Zoo, to enjoy an employee appreciation event my husband's company sponsored.  The zoo normally closes at 6pm and the event started at 6:30pm, so we joined other healthcare employees and their family members for an evening at the zoo.  It was nice to be at the zoo later in the day, as many of the animals are more active at dawn and at dusk.  We saw a lot of activity!!
The event included a lovely evening dinner, served buffet style.  I was happy with the variety of food.  I wasn't stuck with just hot dogs and hamburgers... I enjoyed a plate of pulled pork, beef brisket, cole slaw, and potato salad.  Yum!
Sunday morning
My husband went golfing, so I was on my own with the toddler.  It was the last day of the Denver County Fair, so we left early and got there right as they opened.
We enjoyed rides, fair food, and some very entertaining face painting.  My son had fun giving his best tiger growl as we roamed about the fair.  After lunch, it was homeward-bound for our afternoon nap.
Sunday afternoon & evening
I squeezed in an afternoon nap (trying to stay active with the bump!), and then we had a quick dinner of grilled steak with chimichurri sauce and green beans with cherry tomatoes... hopefully a recipe will be on the way soon!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?  Do you try and get to a fair during the summer months?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I'm going to remember that about the zoo and plan our next visit in the evening to see more animal activity!

    1. Yes, if your zoo is open at dusk, I highly recommend it!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! The brunch place - love that name Snooze!! Brilliant!
    What a cute little Tiger too! ;)

    1. Yeah the ironic part about Snooze is that they open at 7:30am and if you get there after 8am you're almost guaranteed a wait. Coloradans don't sleep in - that's for sure!

  3. Wow! What an awesome weekend! Your salad looks amazing- I'm having such a craving now! That evening zoo trip also sounds (reads) like a lot of fun - we also went to the zoo on Sunday and had so much fun.

    1. I am all about a good salad made with fresh ingredients!


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