Monday, September 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

Happy Monday, friends!  It's been two weeks since my last pregnancy update.  Although I don't think it really shows in the photos above, I've definitely gained some more weight and I  definitely feel bigger.  I've gone for a couple of walks in the last two weeks, and I've noticed that at points during my walk, I might feel a little tightness in my abdomen and find that I have to slow down during my walk.  It's also getting harder to do housework (less bending over these days!) and finding a comfortable position to sleep in at night can be a challenge.

Weeks along: 27 weeks.
Baby Updates
Baby girl is the size of a medium-sized head of cauliflower.

Baby's length is just north of 14 inches.

Baby's weight is just under 2 pounds.

Baby movement: she's still moving regularly.  The last couple of nights, I swear she woke me up at 4am with her kicking.  Not a problem, though, as I went right back to sleep.

Mama Updates
Weight gain: 13 pounds.

Cravings: Instead of specific foods, I crave specific tastes.  Lately, I've been craving things that are salty and crunchy (hello, potato chips!).  I've also had a lighter appetite at dinner time, so I've been sticking to soup or smaller meals at night.

Aversions: none.

Sleep/rest: no problems here!

What I miss: lately I've really been missing cocktails or wine.  Now that I'm in my third trimester, I'll occasionally have my husband order a glass of wine, and then I'll have a few sips of the wine.  And now that the weather is cooler, there seem to be more people out on their bikes and I really, really miss my bike.  I just can't risk a fall off my road bike, so I have to stick to my spin bike at home.

Other updates: my next prenatal appointment is next week.  I have to get a bunch of shots at this appointment and I am not looking forward to it... I don't like needles in general, and I've learned to stay calm when I get my blood drawn, but when I get vaccines, etc., I'm still a little wary.

Will you be getting a flu shot this fall?  How do you feel about needles?


  1. I HATE needles. I have learnt to deal, but I still really dread them.

    1. A phlebotomist once told me, "All you need is one bad experience to make you afraid." I have to be honest and say I can't recall a bad I'm not sure where my fear of needles comes from. I do remember being terrified as a kid...

  2. You forgot still looking super cute! :) I'm 50/50 on the flu shot. I have gotten one before and I'm not scared of needles, but I'm not sure if they really work.

    1. Thanks Leslie! Yeah, I know alot of people who have doubts about the efficacy of the flu shot. I have to say, the last four years I've gotten the shot, I haven't gotten the flu.

  3. I don't deal well with needles. That part of giving birth was the most terrifying for me. And I tend to faint if one is in the same room as me. ick.

    I am not getting a flu shot though because they don't do that here unless you're in an 'at risk' group. When I lived in the US, I used to.

    I had to smile when you wrote about missing your bicycle. When I was expecting, my Dutch family/friends were shocked I refused to ride my bicycle. I think the women here do it just about until they're ready to deliver, but I would never risk it. You just never know so I commend you for being safe :)

    And lastly, girrrlll you look great! You're really rocking that pregnancy glow!

    1. Thanks Yuliya! Although I'm feeling B-I-G these days, I can tell my skin is clearer and rosier. I'll miss the pregnancy glow when it goes away...

      Interesting that they don't have you get the flu shot in the Netherlands unless you're in an 'at risk' group.

  4. Super cute bump! Yes, I'll be getting the flu shot this fall. I never got it until I had kids and now I get it every year.

    1. Thanks Laura. I was the same way, hated getting the flu shot so I never did until I became a mama. All that time around kids...we get what they get!!


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