Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrating the Week: 32 Weeks Pregnant

I don't know why, but Fridays are often a challenge for me when it comes to blogging.  Should I join a Friday link up party?  Should I post my "Friday Favorites"?  Last Friday I decided to just "celebrate the week" by sharing my favorite moments from the week.

It was so much fun, I thought, let's do it again.  I'm going to celebrate this past week's awesome moments!

I've only got eight short weeks left until baby #2 arrives, so the theme of every day continues to be (1) prepping for baby and (2) enjoying every moment, both "me" time and time with the family.

Favorite moment #1: Sunday brunch
I love food.  I love finding good food.  And we've only lived in Colorado for 18 months, so we're still exploring the food scene in this great city.  I made reservations for Sunday brunch at Beast + Bottle, a restaurant recently rated as a "top 10" in Denver.  We were not disappointed!  My husband was so happy with his meal, he said we needed to come back for dinner sometime.  I'm sure we will.  Below: pulled pork tostada with tomatilla sauce and queso fresco.
Favorite moment #2: new slippers
When the weather cools down, I have to have my cozy slippers.  My pair from last winter are woefully old.  So I got some new ones recently.

Favorite moment #3: office cleanup
A few posts ago, I think I mentioned that I have an office that was remodeled earlier this year.  The sad part is that I have never finished decorating it.  I just started dumping stuff in there and before I knew it, I was working in the midst of a mess.  Well, this week, I finally sat down and started tackling some of that mess.  It's still a work in progress.  The first photo is from two weeks ago before I started cleanup.  The second photo includes snippets of the progress made this week.
Favorite moment #5: Yet another walk
It's a challenge for this pregnant mama to get her exercise in.  Prior to getting pregnant, I would easily go out for a six mile walk when I had 90 minutes to spare, but now I'm lucky if I can cover two miles.  It's partly having a small(er) bladder and partly that I'm lugging around an extra 20 pounds these days -- which is a 20% increase over my pre-pregnancy weight!  So when I do get out and walk, I give myself a huge high five!

What were your favorite moments of the week?  Or is the best yet to come (the weekend)?  What are you up to tonight (Halloween)?


  1. The food looks delish! I love your scenery :) No big plans tonight, the hubby is going to try to help me color my hair lol We have a party tomorrow and I want to look nice, but we needed to save the $100, we'll see how this turns out :) I like your office space!

    1. Karen, those are some interesting plans... choosing hair color. I don't remember the last time I had to deal with that. :-)

      Hope the party on Saturday is lotsa fun!

  2. I've been slowly starting to tidy up our office (slash living room slash kitchen) lately and it makes such a huge difference to my state of mind. Your office is looking really good!
    Also, your walk looks lovely - so autumnal!

    1. Hi Sophie - yes we are blessed with beautiful colors in the fall here in Denver. I remember living in an apartment and having a living room slash office -- and the office was my roommate's, not really mine! Ha!

  3. I could have sworn, I already commented on this post, but maybe that was just in my mind. Oops. Anyway, I agree with Sophie that your walks always look so beautiful! I also am giving you a virtual high five for walking! And your food always makes me son hungry! I just finished off dinner + dessert and now between seeing this post, your meal plan, and Sophie's Fruit Crumble, I am having the most ridiculous cravings ;)

    1. LOL, I think that's why we have the food voyeur in us... we love food (I enjoyed reading Sophie's comment about always being hungry -- I think many of us can relate). What was for dinner & dessert?


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