Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meal Planning: October 12-18

I've gotten a lot of positive comments about my style of meal planning (by theme/category) and I was curious about other ways of meal planning, so I did a little poking around the internet.  Here are some common meal planning methods I found:
1. Hand picking specific recipes for each night
2. Choosing recipes based on what's on sale at the grocery store
3. Choosing recipes that fit a specific diet (weight watchers, vegetarian, Paleo, etc.)
4. Following someone else's meal plans
If you've been frustrated by meal planning not working for you, I also found this very helpful article, 15 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning.  Take a look -- you might find a tip or two that will work for you.  This is my second time around trying out meal planning and I'm glad I'm giving it another try.  The first time I tried meal planning, I was picking out specific recipes and then I wouldn't follow through (because the recipe didn't sound appealing anymore).  I've found that I like flexibility and my method of theme works for me.

Recipe Wins from Last Week

Here are some of the dinners we made last week along with notes on what worked / didn't work.
Feedback: we will make this again, but cut back on the amount of fish sauce.  We found it too salty.

Recipe Possibilities for the Upcoming Week

Here is this week's collection of recipes that I'll be contemplating.  I won't be cooking all these recipes, but I'm hoping to pick a few of them per my theme-per-night and I'll try a few of them.  Come back next weekend as I'll be reporting the winners (and any losers). 

Braising Recipes

Simple Braised Short Ribs
A classic braising dish, I have made lots of flavor variations of braised short ribs, and sometimes simple and straightforward is best.
Braised Lamb Shanks Provencal
Lamb shanks are fancy, but sometimes it's fun to try something fancy!

Soup & Salad Recipes
Turkey Mulligatawny
I haven't made this recipe but the ingredients for this recipe just sound like fall.  The recipe is presented as a solution for leftover turkey...I may have to roast a turkey just so I can make this soup with the leftovers!

Brinner Recipes
Breakfast Burritos
I like the idea of breakfast burritos!  These would be perfect for dinner.
Vegetable and Cheese Strata
Stratas are just breakfast casseroles.  I think I would serve this up with a simple salad for dinner.

Seafood Recipes

Crispy Fish Fingers
I'm trying to get my son to eat fish... Maybe he'll think these are chicken fingers and try them...
Gingered Salmon with Grilled Corn and Watercress
I can never find enough ways to cook salmon and it's my favorite fish.

Fast & Easy Recipes
Spinach and Sausage Stuffed Peppers
I was intrigued by the idea of stuffed peppers that did NOT have ground beef in them...
Spicy Chicken Leg Quarters with Brown Sugar and Rosemary
This recipe caught my eye while I was looking through the archives of Climbing Grier Mountain, a food blog with some amazing food photography.

For more meal plans and ideas, please check out Laura @ Mommy Run Fast and Jill @ Fitness Health & Happiness! I link up with them every weekend for meal planning.

 Do you enjoy meal planning?  If yes, how do you choose to plan?  If no, how do you go about figuring out what to cook for dinner or do you just wing it?


  1. These days I don't plan my meals because I work from home most days and therefore have the luxury of time to spend in the grocery store more than once a week - something I am extremely grateful for! I have kept a meal plan, recipe-specific) in the past and like you I found that the food no longer sounded appealing by the time I was supposed to make it. So then I would get rebellious and eat ice cream for dinner ... very mature reaction I know! :P

    1. Sophie - before I had my son I didn't see the point of cooking -- do you know how hard it is to cook for one or two people without creating leftovers (I hate leftovers). But now that I'm home full time, and I'm a whole lot pickier about what I eat, I've just found that cooking at home has its benefits...

  2. Spinach and sausage peppers sound fabulous :) Yumm!

    I always meal plan, but don't always manage to stick to it given how crazy life has been :) I usually look through pinterest or check my 'idea notebook' for recipes I've been meaning to test.

    1. Spinach and sausage peppers: could be Paleo-approved!

      I love Pinterest too for getting inspired. I definitely have to be excited about what I'm going to cook or I just can't get motivated...


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