Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIAW #27: Thanksgiving Eats!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  It's almost here!  On Sunday, I made my regular trip to the grocery store and was reminded of what a zoo the grocery store can be the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Of course, that doesn't compare to what the store is like on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  I try not to go to the grocery store the 2-3 days before Thanksgiving.  It's just too scary.

My husband and I love Thanksgiving soooo much, that we've already enjoyed Thanksgiving twice now.  Yes, twice.  We've made two dinners, just for two (our three-year-old stuck with mac & cheese one night and spaghetti & meatballs the second night).  Our excuse?  We're trying out different recipes, so that, come Thanksgiving day, we've already perfected our choices (or maybe we've eliminated choices and will be eating something entirely different on Thanksgiving day).

So what did we make?

Pre-Thanksgiving Meal #1

We're not having any guests this year, so we may not cook an entire turkey this year.  So for pre-Thanksgiving meal #1, we chose a recipe that was just part of the turkey: stuffed turkey breasts...

We started with the stuffing for the turkey breasts: sage, chopped hazelnuts, parsley, cooked onions, and some seasonings:

We also got the green bean casserole going...

And it all came together for a delicious but simple meal.  Dried apricot & date stuffed turkey breast with marsala glaze and green bean casserole:

Pre-Thanksgiving Meal #2

For the second pre-Thanksgiving meal, I knew I wanted to make something with parsnips.  Do you eat parsnips?  They're related to carrots, and are sweet like carrots, if not sweeter:

So I decided to make creamed spinach and parsnips:
We paired this side with chicken marsala with pancetta and cream:

I think I enjoyed pre-Thanksgiving meal #2 more than pre-Thanksgiving meal #1.

And our pre-Thanksgiving sampling doesn't end there.  I made one dessert, which was a hit: chocolate pecan pie with bourbon.  I topped it with whipped cream and it was delicious.  I am a huge pecan pie fan but I only have it once a year during Thanksgiving...  I will definitely be making this again:

Join the best food link-up, What I Ate Wednesday, with Jenn from Peas and Crayons, and check out eats, holiday or not.

Readers in the U.S., what are you looking forward to eating this Thanksgiving?
Those not celebrating Thanksgiving, do you have a favorite holiday that celebrates by eating delicious food?


  1. Oh my gosh, all of your meals look amazing!!!!! I am going to be stalking every recipe and making!!! I love pecan pie as much as I adore pumpkin pie (as in a whole lot!). I think I'll try giving it a go for our Christmas celebration!

    I haven't had parsnips very much. Do you think they would be good in a mash? I'm craving them now :)

    1. Oh yes, parnips would probably work anywhere carrot would work. So if you would put carrots in your mash, substitute those parsnips in!

  2. I am one of those crazy people heading to the grocery store today :( Your meals look delicious!!

    1. Good luck at the grocery store! Wear your armor!

      I'm sure I'll need to make a last minute run, but it will probably be Thursday morning when I realize I'm missing some key ingredient...

  3. Both meals look great! I'm not a green bean fan, but your casserole looks delicious. And that pie...holy cow!

    1. The pie is DELICIOUS. I may have to make it again, come Christmas. So so so good.

  4. The chocolate peacan pie looks amazing!

    1. Yes! It was! I wish I had had better lighting when I took the photo, because it just doesn't do the pie justice!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    Your chocolate pecan bourbon pie .... oh my goodness. That needs to come into my life immediately!

  6. It's delicious andddd it's fairly easy to make! I didn't make the pie crust from scratch. I just used a store-bought pie crust to save some time (and frustration).


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