Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Hospital Story Continued...

It's hard to believe that it was only a week ago that the newest member of our family was born.  Last Monday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl:
Baby "O"
Born: 6:35pm, December 1, 2014
Weight: 5 lbs, 8 oz
Length: 18 inches

I've shared the story of how quickly my day of contractions led to our little girl arriving on December 1st.  Baby O arrived three weeks early, and although we were a little surprised that she came early, in retrospect, I'm really glad she was born early.

One of the nicer things about this being pregnancy #2 is that I knew what to expect:

...I knew what to expect with the C-section, what the recovery challenges would be, and what would happen during my hospital stay.  Overall, I had a really good hospital experience, which I'd like to remember...

What I found most amusing about my hospital stay: with baby #1, I didn't have a choice in my meals.  This time around, I was able to choose my meals from a menu.  Of course, I was still limited to certain kinds of food, as I had just had major surgery, but it was still nice to be able to have a menu of choices.

Visitors?  Besides my husband and three-year-old son, my mother-in-law flew in from North Carolina on  Wednesday morning.  We were so happy to see her.  She'll be with us for the entire month of December!  I'm a lucky mama.

What I thought of the hospital room: our room was much bigger than the hospital room I stayed in when I had my first child.  The bed that my husband slept on wasn't the most comfortable, but it was a couch that pulled out into a twin-sized bed.  Not too shabby.

Least favorite part of my hospital stay: being woken up every couple of hours during the night to have my vital signs checked.  Having to nurse every 2-3 hours, I had to sneak in sleep whenever I could.  And it seemed that just as soon as I'd fallen asleep, a nurse was at my side waking me up to taking my blood pressure, temperature, or, in one case draw my blood.

Most stressful moment: newborns are screened for hearing in Colorado at birth, just as they are in many other states.  My firstborn was diagnosed sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, so naturally, we are worried about our second child.  She did not pass the hearing screen, so we are scheduled for a second hearing screen the week of Christmas.

Most surprising difference with this hospital stay: because she was born early, the hospital recommended we "triple feed": (1) I would nurse Baby O; (2) my husband would supplement, and feed Baby O; (3) while my husband gave her supplement, I would pump with the breast pump the hospital provided.  But what was surprising is that we had an option of donated breast milk or formula.  We decided to go with the donated breast milk.

Mamas who have chosen to breastfeed, would you have opted to feed your baby donated breastmilk over formula?


  1. Congratulations on your baby girl!!! It seems like you were pretty well prepared and had a pretty nice hospital stay. I hate hospitals so I'm not sure that nice hospital stay makes sense, but well, it doesn't seem terrible hah. It is nice that you are getting some help! I've never had surgery and have no idea how accurate this is, but a c-section seems like it would be difficult to recover from.

    I am curious though as to why they suggested you should supplement? My midwives (and as far as I know this is still the case now) told me to place baby on the breast as much as needed (or pump). That supply regulates that way, but that if we were to also use formula, then it would possibly harm supply. I guess it's different here, and I hope I'm not being too nosy!

    Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing well with your new baby! Congratulations once more :)

    1. Maybe I didn't clarify that the suggestion to supplement came from our hospital and they recommended the supplement because Baby O is considered a "late" pre-term baby (having been born at 36 weeks. If she had been born full term (40 weeks), I don't think they would have pushed the supplementing.

      It's been over a week now and we've dropped the supplementing since my milk supply has come in and seems more than sufficient for Baby O (she's gaining weight rapidly!)

  2. It is amazing how different hospital stays can be between babies. I was even at the same hospital twice and it was a dramatically different experience. I'll keep your little girl in my thoughts and prayers for her next hearing test. Is that something that is hereditary? I'm learning a lot through your blog lately about hearing loss in children. Oh, and how wonderful that your MIL is able to stay and help out for so long!!!

    1. Ah you have sharp eyes. I forgot to mention that I delivered baby #1 in California so it was a totally different hospital. Same health care provider, however, but still different experiences!!

      And yes, I am thrilled my MIL is here for an entire month!!

      (Glad you've been learning alot about hearing loss! I have to continue/complete the series!

  3. I hardly slept in the hospital either time for the same reasons... it's such a whirlwind. Interesting about the triple feed- I love that you had the option of breastmilk. Enjoy the help from your mil- so fantastic!!

    1. Yes, the triple feed was not something I'd heard of in 2011 with baby #1. It's a fairly new concept. So not alot of evidence-based info, but an interesting idea nonetheless!

  4. It looks like you had a nice room. I hope Baby O does well in her future testing! She's adorable :)

    1. Yes the room was very spacious. This was our first time at this hospital, since we moved from California to Colorado only 18 months ago. Super happy with where we delivered.

      We've got our fingers crossed for the future hearing test...


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