Friday, December 19, 2014

Baby & Mama Postpartum: Weeks 1 & 2

Happy Friday!  If Baby O hadn't been born early (on December 1 instead of the planned December 19), I would have headed to the hospital for my planned C-section this lovely Friday morning.  I have no regrets; I'm super happy that Baby O arrived at 36 weeks, 4 days old.  My first child was born at 41 weeks, so the last three weeks have been a new kind of newborn education, as I've found that taking care of a late pre-term baby has its own challenges.

Last week I bragged about how happy I am these days, which is pretty cool, given that after baby #1, I had a little of the postpartum blues... Hopefully all that bragging celebrating won't come back to haunt me.  (Preview: in week 3 the honeymoon ends.)

For any readers who have had kids are about to have kids, or curious about what it's like to have kids (!), I thought it might be fun to start a postpartum journal and share on a weekly what's going on with newborn and mama.  I'm not sure how far out I'll carry out this experiment, but hey, let's go with it!  If nothing else, it might be a fun record to look back at when I've forgotten how it can be raising a newborn: some days are fun, some days are horrible, and some days one just might wonder if 4pm is too early to declare, "Bedtime!"

Baby Updates from Week 1&2

Best moment: Baby O is feeding well, especially at night, when milk supply is high.  Fingers crossed that at her two week checkup, Baby O has regained weight and is back to birth weight (it's very common for newborns to lose weight the first week or so, and then gain it back).

Unexpected moment: on Day 9, Baby O has a second episode of blue lips during feeding, so we go to the emergency room, and end up getting admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay.  The diagnosis?  Reflux.  However, they looked at all the other possibilities including a "floppy esophagus" (laryngomalacia).  Glad to hear that all we had was reflux, but it was hard to spend another night in the hospital.
Day 9: back at the hospital for monitoring.  It was hard nursing a baby connected to all those wires...
Learning moment(s): taking care of a late pre-term baby has it's own challenges.  And they're so small!  Baby O is less than 6 pounds...

Mama updates from Week 1&2

Best moment(s): being able to host a potluck (with a newborn!) on Day 7.  So glad we didn't have to cancel or rescheduled.  It was nice having our friends over...
The parents table apres dinner... you should have seen the aftermath at the kids table!
Unexpected moment: my milk coming in at the end of Day 3!!! It took alot longer with baby #1, so I'm thrilled that my milk came in sooner and I don't have to worry about supply issues (at least not for now).

TMI fact: I had to take stool softeners post surgery and hope for a bowel movement no later than day five.  Fortunately I did not have to call the doctor with any concerns.

Post C-section health: I'm taking ibuprofen and oxycodone for pain relief and stool softeners for the reasons listed above.  The first week I had alot of trouble getting in and out of bed, but by the end of week 2, I was beginning to find it easier.

Challenge that will not go away anytime soon: I knew that having a second child would pose challenges in caring for the first challenge, but I had no idea it would such a struggle.  Hubby and I are working on making sure we are spending enough time with our older one.
Hubby and I are taking turns spending time with child #1

Day-by-Day Highlights from Week 1&2

Day 1 (Monday): Baby O born at 6:35pm by C-section.  Born 3 weeks early (original due date: Friday, December 19)
Day 2: we survived the first night in the hospital!!  Visits with pediatrician, lactation consultant, and doctor who performed my C-section.
Day 3: we survived the second night in the hospital.  Final newborn tests conducted, possible jaundice, but they let us go home that evening.
Day 4: so nice to have slept in my own bed, but the first night at home was challenging: I had trouble getting in and out bed (thanks to the C-section).  I'm also doped up on Percocet and Ibuprofen, but able to continue to nurse Baby O.  In the afternoon, a nurse comes over for a home visit to check up on baby and mama.
Day 5: we get a follow-up home visit from the nurse to see if Baby O's jaundice levels are coming down.  They are, and we are in the clear.
Day 6 (Saturday): mama is feeling good, so we all head out for brunch!  It is an easy outing, just brunch and a short stroll around our favorite shopping center, then back home.
Day 7 (Sunday): morning is fairly quiet.  In the afternoon, we host a potluck, which was on the calendar before Baby O decided to arrive three weeks early.  We are thrilled to have some company over.  Baby O sleeps through the entire party.
Day 8: nursing is going well.  Milk supply came in on Day 3/4 and continued to increase through the weekend.  Baby O is feeding like a champ.
Day 9: morning scare: Baby O has blue lips.  We call the advice nurse and are urged to go to the emergency room.  We end up getting admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay and monitor.
Day 10 (Wednesday): the diagnosis of the blue lips?  Reflux!  After a full night of monitoring and confirming Baby O's oxygen levels are OK, we are released to go home.
Day 11: happy to be home again.  Feedings seem to be stretching from every 2 hours to every 3 hours.  It's hard to bring myself to wake sleeping baby for a feeding.
Day 12: Christmas shopping!  Another outing with the baby.  I can't believe this is going so well.
Day 13 (Saturday): mama is starving.  All.  The.  Time.  I forgot to pump today, and I really need to work on establishing my supply.  Note to self: pump after first feeding of the day, every day.
Day 14: snow day!  Mama and baby slept in this lovely Sunday morning.  Mama is no longer taking Percocet, just ibuprofen.  I'm happy to be off the meds, for the most part.

Mamas: do you remember your first week or two at home with your newborn?  What stands out for you?


  1. I had two totally different postpartum experiences. Olivia was a natural birth and Owen was a C-section. Olivia I was up and recovered so quick. With Owen I had every complication in the book and it took me a full 8 weeks to recover. It was miserable. Plus I had two kiddos at that point and it was such a challenge. With Olivia though, I struggled nursing and Owen nursed like a champ, but nursed constantly!! He was almost 10 pounds at birth and he loved to eat! He ended up having a sensitivity to milk at 8 weeks and I decided to stop nursing. I had only nursed Olivia 8 weeks before going back to work and though I intended to nurse Owen longer, I was selfish and didn't want to give up dairy. But I will say it was a relief for me in the end. He was nursing so much that I was missing out on too much time with Olivia. It was nice to give him a quick bottle and know he was good for a few hours. There were definitely highlights and some struggles with both, but number 2 was definitely harder for me for multiple reasons. It all settles down though before you know it and all the struggle becomes a distant memory!! Have a great uneventful weekend :)

    1. Wow, those are totally different experiences! I've heard mamas recovering from C-sections often require more time to recover... I only know the C-section world, but yes, that first week or two was difficult to recover from. Thanks for the well wishes and positive thoughts. I agree that it will all settle down eventually!

  2. Awww Marnie, the blue lips would have scared me to death. Glad to hear everything turned out okay, Baby O is so cute. My mom still talks about how little I was and how other babies looked so sturdy next to me, I was only 5 lbs a few ounces. The little red outfit is darling! Your dining space is really pretty! I still remember feeling so unbelievably tired, and I had about 60 stitches in my bottom so I was very sore. I will say having a baby made the few surgeries I've had seem like a breeze lol

    1. Karen, those blue lips DID scare me to death. The first time it happened, I was the only one who saw the blue lips (everyone else thought she looked OK), but after the second episode, others agreed, so we called the advice nurse.

      So you were a small baby, too! It's amazing how small a 6 pound baby looks. She actually looks chubby to me, now that she's over 6 pounds.

      I can see what you mean about having a baby making other surgeries look like a breeze. Knock on wood for me and future surgeries.


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