Monday, March 9, 2015

Baby & Mama Update: 3 Months!

Life is improving around here!  Baby O is now three months old!  We took several photos throughout the day last week and this was the best I could get -- I haven't figured out how to get her to smile when I've got a camera pointed at her...

It's almost surreal to think that three months ago we were here:

When I last checked in with y'all at the two month update, the hubby and I were discussing when to start with sleep training and I was beginning to dream about getting back to working out.  Let's see where we're at now!

Returning to the Workplace?
Normally, three months would mark the time when working mamas have to return to work.  We count our lucky stars that we don't need a second salary as long as we are mindful of our budget, so I am going to stay home with Baby O at least until she turns one.  I have mixed feelings about whether or not I want to go back to work.  On one hand I miss the world of grown-ups and on the other hand, I love the flexibility of the life of a stay-at-home-mom.

We're still exclusively breastfeeding.  Baby O usually feeds five times during the day (not really consistent on the times, but usually every 2-3 hours between 8am and 8pm).  Nighttime feedings are a little more predictable: 1 or 2am and then again around 5am.

Sleep Training
We started sleep training when Baby O was nine weeks old and it has gone surprisingly well.  We didn't do any sleep training with the first child until he was nine months old.  Two things key to our sleep training success: the pacifier and a sleep log.  Baby O didn't want the pacifier at first, but we kept trying and she now will take it from time to time; being able to self soothe definitely helps her fall asleep.  The sleep log has been useful in helping me see trends in sleep patterns and provides evidence that we've been making progress with the sleep training.

The first two weeks of sleep training were rough - I won't sugarcoat it - there were afternoons where I struggled as Baby O would fall asleep, for all of 15 minutes, only to wake up, and we'd repeat this cycle over and over until I was cross-eyed.  Over time, the sleep durations would lengthen and now she's napping anywhere from an hour to four hours during the day.

Baby O is smiling now and loves it when we show her attention.  I can always tell when she's gotten some good sleep because after she wakes up and nurses, she is especially smiley and interested in connecting with people.  She is also starting to show interest in toys and the activity mat, although her interest can be brief at times.

What I'm Looking Forward To
I know every baby is different, but I hope in the next month, Baby O is not as grumpy during tummy time so that we can start moving on to bigger and better things, like rolling over!

Mama Update
I'm feeling optimistic these days that I may start to get more free time again, now that Baby O is sleeping more.  Right now, I'm still torn on how to spend my "free" time during Baby O's naps.  Although she has napped as long as four hours, most of her naps on average are an hour or two long, and I find it more important to get a nap in myself.  As soon as Baby O falls asleep, life is a multiple choice question: Do I (A) take a nap (B) eat something (C) take on a household chore; or (D) do something fun?  Most of the time it's (A) or (B).

I can't wait for the weather to warm up -- we have a new jogging stroller and I'm still holding out hope I'll be able to run with Baby O (I wasn't successful at running with toddler K).

Not that I'm concerned, but I'm still five pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have the breastfeeding "belly" and it doesn't bother me -- I focus on eating whole foods and lots of healthy fat -- I try to eat avocado and some trail mix every day (my trail mix is almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and raisins).  Eating Paleo 80/20 is working great for me while breastfeeding.

Previous Updates
If you missed any of my previous baby & mama updates, you can check them out:
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Have you ever had a time in your life where there wasn't much free time for yourself because you had to spend your "free" time on the essentials: sleeping, making healthy food, work/studying?


  1. First things first- You have such a little cutie!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness! Those eyes, those expressions! Ohhhh she looks so sweet :) That photo of the three of you is also absolutely lovely- you look like such proud parents!

    It's awesome that paleo is working for you while you nurse :) On the other hand, I'm sorry that you aren't getting much free time and also hope that you will be able to get a bit more soon. I remember that Yvann had a phase as a babe that he would not tolerate being put down and I thought I'd go mad. Luckily we had a moby so I could do crazy things like prepare a meal for myself haha

  2. Thanks Yuliya! She does make some of the best expressions. I love watching her face. As for free time, I keep telling myself it will only get better from here. As soon as Baby O starts rolling over and holding things, then I'm sure I can leave her to play while I do chores (and fun stuff) around the house.

  3. So glad that sleep training is paying off for you!! 4 hour naps sometimes, that's incredible :) She is absolutely adorable!! Can you tell I am trying to catch up on your posts!! Commenting overload! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for catching up on all the posts. It's always great to hear from you!


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