Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekending: Birthday Celebration

On previous birthdays, I would dream of things like a trip to Palm Springs with the hubby or a fabulous pair of shoes.  That was before we became parents.  As we enter our fifth year of parenthood (and our first year as parents of TWO kids), I find myself culling my birthday wish list more carefully than any other year.  The finalists for my list?
  • Sleep in
  • A pedicure
  • A rich, multi-layered chocolate cake
Guess what?  I was gifted all three!  There was also a little self-reflection this weekend (birthdays will do that to you) and I realized that this is the last birthday that I will have a baby around to celebrate with me, so I had to take a selfie with Baby O:

Looking back over my birthday weekend, it's safe to say that I my birthdays are on a different level now... no jet setting this year, but that's not to say it won't happen in the future! 

Birthday Treats

No birthday is complete without the cards, the balloons, the sweets...  Hubby was away for business on Wednesday and came home very late that night, only to decorate our eat-in kitchen with these surprises for me.  The toddler was excited as I was on Thursday morning...he loved the cards and balloons and begged me to let him have chocolate cake for breakfast.  Safe to say, we saved it for after dinner that night.

A Saturday Hike

I can't thank Mother Nature enough for gracing us with fabulous weather this weekend.  We drove up to Boulder to go on a hike and we were not disappointed.  First we stopped by one of our favorite brunch joints to fill up, and then we hiked Chautauqua Park.  It was a gorgeous spring morning.

Birthday Dinner Date Night

My hubby called in our trusty babysitter and we went out for a perfect birthday dinner.  I tried taking photos of all our food -- which embarrassed the husband just slightly -- and I couldn't manage to get any decent photos with the dim lighting.  Just know that the food was AHmazing.  After dinner, hubby declared, "That's it, we're now going back to eating Paleo!"  After the treats we had that night, I couldn't agree more -- it's back to lean proteins and lots of our favorite vegetables.

A Relaxing Sunday

First things first: I got to sleep in (fist pump).  Then hubby made breakfast (double fist pump).  After breakfast, we went for a walk, and I wish we had been out there longer, but it was time for my pedicure!!  The pedicure was just what I needed: a few hours of pampering with no kids and now house chores.  After my pedicure, I returned home, where the husband continued to make life as easy as possible for me.  Hubby made dinner and we ate outside, wrapping up one of the easiest Sundays I've had in a long while.

What's on your birthday wish list?  As you get older, do you find your wish list changing in any significant way?

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