Monday, April 27, 2015

A Change of Scenery

Happy Monday, friends!

I'm back from a much needed weeklong break.  I took two vacations: a trip to North Carolina with the kiddos to see grandma (my mother-in-law) and a vacation from social media.  Both were a success...

Traveling Solo with Two

I took my first solo trip with my toddler and my infant.  I knew it was going to be tough but I managed.  Our flight from Denver to Raleigh was about five hours total and with the help of the iPad (loaded with some good movies and a few educational games), the kindness of strangers, and some strategic seating, the three of us travelled without offending too many of our fellow passengers.

Enjoying Raleigh & Chapel Hill

We visit North Carolina regularly, so I have my favorite restaurants...the weather was just amazing so we ate outdoors at Gugelhupf, one of my favorite places for brunch.

Homecooked Meals

Another plus of going to visit my mother-in-law is that she loves to cook and entertain.  We had fabulous meals...I did my share in the kitchen to make sure that I stayed away from any pasta and bread (I do eat rice).  Instead, I had roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, and broccoli.  Great eats every night.

Exploring Museums

No trip to Chapel Hill / Raleigh / Durham would be complete without a visit to one of their many childrens' museums.  We explored two new museums including the Marbles Museum.  My son loved it.  I was pretty impressed too!

My Social Media Vacation

Since I was away from home for the week, I decided I would unplug from social media, too.  With the exception of reading the news, magazines, and checking for important emails, I did my best to minimize checking Instagram, Twitter, and yes, even blogs.  After five days away, I felt refreshed.  I highly recommend it!

Thanks to Katie and Marvelous in my Monday (MIMM).  I hope you have a marvelous Monday, too!

What do you like to do when you need a change in routine or a change of scenery?


  1. I took a break last week too! Sometimes you just need to unplug-- way to go on traveling with 2-- your eats looks amazing!!! Looks like a great trip with your kids

    1. I was a bit petrified about travelling with two kids, but I really needed a vacation (a change of scenery!) after being at home with baby for the last five months. The getaway was well worth the hassles!

  2. Your hair cut is really great- love it!
    Looks like a great trip :) Your MIL looks like a great cook, hope you had a chance for a little break while you had some family to help with the kiddos :)
    The east coast actually had some nice days last week!

    1. Thanks Karen, I am really loving it!
      Yes, the MIL is an amazing cook; she is a big fan of the Silver Palate cookbook if you are familiar at all with that restaurant/cook. And yes, we were not far from you and the East Coast DID have some great weather!

  3. I like to have social media breaks every once in a while too!

    What lovely pictures and the food... oh my!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like a really good trip, and I'm happy the travel itself wasn't too stressful either! Social media vacations are so important but so hard to take! I need to work on that ... my 'vacations' are always accidental :P

    1. I've taken a few accidental vacations myself, and I love that when I come back, readers are still around to say hello. In the future I would like to take a well-planned vacation from social media. Someday...


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