Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bidding You All Adieu

The time has come for me to put aside blogging.  I don't know how long I'll be away, so let's just assume that I may not be blogging at SuperSmartMama ever again.  After much debate, I've decided there isn't enough time right now for me to blog regularly, so I'll continue to contribute to the blogosphere -- as a reader.

I'll miss sharing my little corner of the world, but don't fret, I'll still be out there visiting blogs and leaving comments.  So keep on posting and keep on sharing what's going on in your world!

The blogging community has provided me ideas, motivation, thoughtful discussion, and most important for a stay-at-home mom: community.

So thank you, bloggers, for putting yourself out there and sharing all wonderful words with all of us.  And thank you, readers, for visiting my blog, sharing your thoughts, and allowing me a wonderful virtual world where I could find a few moments every day to have adult conversations.  It has been wonderful to exercise my brain beyond the world of babies and toddlers.

Blog on!
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