The family, before we became four.  September 2014.

I'm a mother of two who left the working world and am now a stay at home mom (hello blogging world!)  Before I became a mother, I lived in San Diego, worked a corporate job, and spent my spare time running half-marathons (and an occasional marathon).

Oh how life has changed!  Now I live in Denver, nowhere near the ocean, which suits me just fine...I think I'm more of a mountain person than a beach person.

What do I blog about?
I like to blog about parenthood, food, and running, but I also blog about other things like books & movies and life in Colorado.  I generally post around this schedule:
 - Sunday = meal planning & workouts (currently on hold)
 - Monday = weekend recap
 - Tuesday = parenthood
 - Wednesday = food
 - Thursday = bits & bobs
 - Friday = favorites (different theme each week)

Why is my blog called SuperSmartMama?

First answer: because moms have to be brilliant to do what they do.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Survival of the fittest.
Second answer: I'm a self-professed nerd.  I like math & science, and I hope I pass that love onto my kids.  I went to MIT to become an engineer and ended up working in the software world.  Bleh.  I hope my second career (whenever that happens) is a bit more sexy or philanthropic (sexy and philanthropic are not mutually exclusive).

What do I love about blogging?
Blogging gives me an opportunity to reflect on my life, capture it, and learn from it.  I've discovered a community of support from my blog, my readers, and all the lovely blogs I visit.  Such a great community!

Last updated 5/10/2015.

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