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Running/walking is my main form of exercise...all other workouts are in red text to encourage me to mix up my workouts.  I like to collect statistics and this is where I record my workouts including how many miles I've walked, run, biked... I had to draw the line somewhere or I could have recorded everything: percentage of workouts that are cardio/strength/flexibility, you get the picture...

Week of 7/27 - 8/2
S: rest day
M: waked 3.25 miles

Week of 7/20 - 7/26 worked out on Sunday, but that was it.

Week of 7/13 - 7/19
Week two after the hiatus, I'm still slowly easing into working out.  I need to get some upper body workouts in...
S: rest day
M: waked 5.33 miles
T: rest day
W: walked 2.75 miles
R: rest day
F: rest day
S: walked 2 miles

Week of 7/6 - 7/12
After a long exercise hiatus (thanks to several weeks of morning sickness), I am slowly getting back into exercise!  Whoo hoo!
S: walked 2 miles
M: waked 2 miles
T: rest day
W: walked 3 miles (feeling stronger)
R: rest day
F:  rest day
S: rest day

Week of 5/4-5/10
This week we were in California visiting family, but most of my "exercise" was walking around the cities of Sacramento and San Francisco, playing tourist.
S: Travel day
M: playing tourist in Sacramento, CA
T: rest day
W: Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones
R: 3.5 mile run
F: rest day (playing tourist in San Francisco)
S: Mother's Day race (4.8 miles)

Week of 4/27-5/3
We were only home for three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), but I tried to squeeze in some walking when we weren't home.
S: Travel day
M: Walked 2 miles
T: Rest day
W: Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones
R: 3 mile run
F: Walked 2 miles
S: rest day (Mother's Day!)

Week of 4/20-4/26
Started my Spring Challenge Reset (a nutritional reset), plus I traveled this week, which made for a difficulties getting exercise in...
S: road bike, 34 miles
M: Ran 5.75 miles, walked 1 mile
T: Rest day
W: Ran 3 miles, waked 1 miles
R: Travel day
F: Bad night of sleep, no workout.
S: Walked 10 miles in San Francisco!

Week of 4/13-4/19
This week I tried running without MapMyRun which was very freeing!
S: rest day!
M: Pure Barre, spin bike for 65 minutes
T: Ran 5 miles, walked 2 miles
W: Ran 4.25 miles
R: Walked 7 miles
F: rest day
S: spin bike, 1 hour (intervals and just riding)
Miles run: 9.25 miles
Miles walked: 9 miles
Miles biked: 0 miles (not counting spin bike workouts)

Week of 4/6-4/12
A beautiful week of weather in Colorado
S: Pure Barre (my first day back after 6 months!)
M: rest day (thanks to a bad night of sleep)
T: road bike, 16.38 miles.  Walked 4.25 miles.
W: ran 5 miles (!!!).  Walked 2.5 miles.
R: ran 4.5 miles.
F: road bike, 15.19 miles.
S: ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile.
Miles run: 12.5 miles
Miles walked: 7.8 miles
Miles biked: 31. 6 miles

Week of 3/30 - 4/5
Continuing to build up the running miles...
Miles run: 14
Miles walked: 8
Miles biked: 0

Week of 3/23 - 3/29
I ran more miles than I walked this week.  Woot!
Miles run: 9
Miles walked: 5
Miles biked: 0

Week of 3/16 - 3/22
I'm turning the walking into running this week!!
Miles run: 5
Miles walked: 12
Miles biked: 19.6

Week of 3/9 - 3/15
Last week was about getting on my road bike.  This week I'm back to walking.
Miles walked (mapmyrun): 25
Miles biked: 14

Week of 3/2 - 3/8
Didn't walk as many miles but I rode my bike quite a bit!
Miles walked (mapmyrun): 6
Miles biked: 32.8

Week of 2/23 - 3/1
On vacation in Orlando, FL this entire week.  Only one official workout this week, but lots of walking around all the theme parks, averaging about 20,000 steps each day.

Week of 2/16 - 2/22
Not as many miles this week...
Miles walked (mapmyrun): 16.0

Week of 2/9 - 2/15
Best week yet in terms of miles covered walking.  A huge ego boost!
Miles walked (mapmyrun) 28.5

Week of 2/3 - 2/8
The weather was freezing this week in Denver.  Sub zero temps!
Miles walked (mapmyrun) 10.0

Week of 1/6-1/12
Miles walked (mapmyrun) 11.02

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